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Member Count

The current member count for Åcon 2 is 75.

You can still sign up to become a member, but act fast. The hotel room quota was released on March 31, so the rooms will probably go quite fast. If you’d still like to reserve a ferry trip through us, please contact us as soon as possible, to see if it’s still possible to get the group prices from the ferry company.


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We’re thinking of arranging a group to travel by train from Helsinki to Turku in the morning of May 1 (and back on Sunday). If enough people attend that, we can get a group discount from VR.

If you’d be interested in attending, leave a comment on this post or send e-mail to <acon@sci.fi>.

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Book Your Trip

The information on the travel page has been updated. We’re once again offering members an inexpensive ferry trip to Åland and back.

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